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What is Global Justice?: Henry Odera Oruka's Contribution to the Current Debate

Anke Graness


Henry Odera Oruka (19441995) was one of the most prolific philosophical thinkers in Africa in the twentieth century. His work opened up new ways for modern philosophizing in Africa, beyond the question of what African philosophy should or should not be. Well known is his Sage Philosophy project. Unfortunately, less known is Odera Orukas work on Ethics. This paper highlights Odera Orukas ethical approach, especially his term of global justice. Furthermore, it opens the discussion on global justice for an intercultural approach by showing that the current debate lacks a fundamental substantiation of the relation between economic and political rights.


Henry Odera Oruka, justice, global justice, ethics, human minimum, freedom, autonomy, poverty, subsistence rights, John Rawls, Thomas Pogge

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