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Purpose, Human, Power & Nature in Akiwowo's Sociology of Knowledge: A Realist Interpretation

Adeolu Ademoyo


The articles examines the nature of purpose, human, and power in Akiwowo's sociology of knowledge. It argues that Akiwowo is making an ontological argument, and, that his sociology of knowledge is best understood against the ontology embedded in his thought. This ontology is at odds with positivism and his ideas are best understood in this context. Working with the ontology embedded in Akiwowo's thought, the article argues that a realist interpretation of Akiwowo's sociology of knowledge sheds light on his thoughts and defends him from critics and charges of fuzziness that have been leveled against him.


Sociology of Knowledge, Positivism Purpose, Purposiveness, Human nature, Power in nature, Realist Interpretation, Nature, Purpose in nature, Human sociality, Human co-existence, Death, Reincarnation of society, Ontology, Social Ontology, Bunched Existence

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