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Interview with Professor Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo

Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo


I am a Kenyan by nationality belonging to the Luo ethnic group. More specifically, I come from Sikinga K’Ondiek in Simuru Sub-location, Ugenya Location, Siaya District. My given name at birth is Ochieng.’ I was given the name because I was born immediately after midday when the sun is usually hot. In Dholuo, ‘chieng’ means ‘sun.’ Therefore, ‘Ochieng’ literally means “of the sunâ€â€”a male child born when the day is hot. The feminine version of Ochieng’ is Achieng’. I am also referred to by others, rather incorrectly, as Odhiambo. I say incorrectly because that name rightfully belongs to my biological father. Odhiambo is a name given to a male child born in the evening and it is at that time of the day that my father was born. I cannot therefore be called Odhiambo for the reason that I was not born in the evening. The question one would ask is why I carry that name.


Biography; Philosophy; Feminism; Race; Politics

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