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Interview with Professor Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo

Frederick Ochieng'-Odhiambo


I am a Kenyan by nationality belonging to the Luo ethnic group. More specifically, I come from Sikinga K’Ondiek in Simuru Sub-location, Ugenya Location, Siaya District. My given name at birth is Ochieng.’ I was given the name because I was born immediately after midday when the sun is usually hot. In Dholuo, ‘chieng’ means ‘sun.’ Therefore, ‘Ochieng’ literally means “of the sun”—a male child born when the day is hot. The feminine version of Ochieng’ is Achieng’. I am also referred to by others, rather incorrectly, as Odhiambo. I say incorrectly because that name rightfully belongs to my biological father. Odhiambo is a name given to a male child born in the evening and it is at that time of the day that my father was born. I cannot therefore be called Odhiambo for the reason that I was not born in the evening. The question one would ask is why I carry that name.


Biography; Philosophy; Feminism; Race; Politics

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