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Interview with Professor Godfrey Tangwa

Godfrey Tangwa


"Philosophy is often defined as "love of wisdom" and anyone without such love would not be studying philosophy and although philosophy is not one of the "bread and butter" disciplines students scramble for in quest of a lucrative career, it tends to fascinate and draw in on experimental or accidental contact, and I think that was the case with me." -- Godfrey Tangwa

"What I would want to pass on to my students and non-students alike is the thought that philosophy is nothing more and nothing less than critically reflecting on issues, using all the devices and techniques philosophers have employed through the ages and, that being the case, it is indefensible philosophizing on issues that concern other peoples and their cultures, let alone philosophizing on their thoughts and pronouncements, to the neglect of those which concern own peoples and culture. In other words, I am recommending a very practical impulse and purpose for philosophy, which uses all available philosophical tools in addressing and tackling problems, beginning with those nearest to heart and home. Philosophical ideas, concepts and theories that have no applicability in context should not be the mainstay concern of African philosophers. To the extent that an African is mainly concerned with philosophical ideas and issues that have no relevance or applicability in the African context, to that very extent can it be said that s/he may be an African philosopher but his/her philosophy is not qualifiable as African philosophy." -- Godfrey Tangwa


Biography; Philosophy; Feminism; Race; Politics

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