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Women's Rights and Gender Equality: Changing Character of Gender Relations in Nigeria

Nkiru Ifeyinwa Igbelina-Igbokwe


This article discusses masculinities, changing gender relations and impact on women's decision making autonomy in Nigeria. It argues that prevailing discourses on women's rights and gender equality reflect the changing character of gender relations which accommodates some aspects of equity while retaining traditional notions of male authority. It explores the dynamics of the shift in gender roles and argues that low levels of autonomy of women to make decisions that affect their well-being (including reproductive decision making) could result from the action of the women themselves to activate residual stereotypes of hierarchical norms around male authority internalized during gendered socialization process. This creates barriers and eliminates opportunities for women to activate their agencies to make or contribute to decision making concerning their well-being and related matters.


Gender Relations; Male Authority; Stereotypes; Norms; Reproductive Health; Masculinity; Masculinities

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