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Zikism: The Fourth Pillar, Indigenous Knowledge and Africa’s Advancement

Chika Ezeanya


Zikism is a philosophy set out by Nnamdi Azikiwe, the great Zik of Africa, in which he enunciated certain foundational principles that, if adhered to, will ultimately lead to the emergence of an Africa on the path to social, political, and economic advancement. The fourth pillar of Zikism is mental emancipation. This article argues that mental emancipation is central, indeed key, to the growth and development of the continent of Africa. It explains mental emancipation from the lenses of formal education and opines that the curriculum of education in Africa is largely dependent on Europe, in terms of paradigm. There is clearly lacking in the content of Africa’s education, an emphasis on indigenous African knowledge and practices. The article asserts that until indigenous knowledge is mainstreamed in Africa’s education system, as inferred by the fourth pillar of Zikism, the much sought after development might yet be an illusion for the continent.


Zikism; Indigenous Knowledge; Mental Emancipation

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