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Felicia Ifeoma Ekejiuba On Igbo Political Ontology

Nkiru Nzegwu


Widely known as a gender activist, Felicia Ifeoma Ekejiuba was also a distinguished scholar of Igbo culture. She studied the dynamism of the culture for over four decades studying and writing about its character, strength, and features. Her thoughts and analyses on certain aspects of the culture were quite profound, rising impressively to the level of philosophical treatises. This essay focuses on her conception of chi, ofo and Igbo political system and ontology. The discussion is hardly exhaustive. It is merely the first attempt to philosophically present her works, hence it does not do full justice to the range, depth, complexity of thought, and full theoretical accomplishments of her scholarly


Felicia Ekejiuba, Igbo, ontology, ofo, chi, omu

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