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Welcome to Ijele Journal, part of the Africa Resource Knowledge Project (ARKP). Subscriptions can begin anytime.

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The first subscription rate below is for individuals. As a subscriber, you will get access to the new issue and back issues of the journal enabling you to keep abreast of scholarship in the field.

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The second subscription rate below is for institutions. As a subscriber, you will get access to the new issue issue and back issues of the journal. Access for the other e-journals and curated databases on Africa Knowledge Project website can be activated at no additional cost.

Institutional access is by IP authentication. To request a quote for your institution, please contact subscriptions at with the latest total number of enrolled students.

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You may reach a subscription manager by calling 1.607.821.2540.

Subscription payment can be made by credit card, certified bank cheque, wire transfer, and Paypal.

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Due to the digital nature of the project, there is no refund. All charges are final.

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Part of becoming a paid institutional subscriber to the journal is to provide means for all students, faculty, and individuals at the institution access to a wealth of relevant and scholarly research on Africa and African Diaspora. Institutional subscription is on a calendar year (Jan 1 to December 31), and institutional access is by IP authentication. Please, put a request with your librarian to purchase annual institutional subscription to the journal.

If you choose, you may also pay for an individual subscription. Rates are available here. Please scroll down to view the individual rate:

Individual Subscriptions

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