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Globalization, Property Rights, Knowledge, Research, Ethics and Risk

Tunde Bewaji


The fact that there is no homogenous understanding of ethics or morality among human players in the world arena accounts for the lack of uniform understanding of research ethics and knowledge risks attendant on pursuit and attainment of knowledge. The lack provides a leverage for challenging the dis-configured global system (sanctified by the WTO, UN and other international multilateral organizations) of the pursuit of knowledge, ownership of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge and utilization of knowledge. In this article, I explore the question of risk in research under the following section headings: first, I indicate my misgiving with the structure of international mapping of intellectual property rights, its organization and its application in a global world market. This is followed by the sections on Knowledge, Research, Ethics and Risk. The conclusion suggests how the various research and knowledge pursuance and accumulation risks identified can be mitigated. Research requires deliberate effort and support in order to ensure that the potential for knowledge and use of knowledge in the South is not compromised at the expense of the collective survival of peoples of these Southern societies.


Globalisation, Property Rights, Knowledge, Research Ethics, Risk, Intellectual Property, Indigenous Knowledge Systems

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