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Notes Towards a Research in African Feminist Theater

Brillian Besi Muhonja


Drama and the theater offer a viscerally charged means to address topical societal issues. As representation of theoretical thought and philosophy, they allow us to re-analyze and re-conceptualize reality. It is with this conceptualization of theater as theory that this article aligns. While postcolonial political theater as an art form continues to burgeon in countries across Africa, feminist theater on the continent remains underdeveloped? Women's representation in the theater industry as playwrights, executive producers, financiers, directors, producers and managers\administrators remains relatively insignificant. Consequently, theater that addresses issues of women's concerns and rights is largely inadequate in reach and depth. This article explores the development of political theater in Anglo-phone Africa, and takes an analytical look at the location of women within this hi(story), providing a background and framework against which to review African feminist theater.


Africa, drama, political theater, feminist theater

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