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On Biafra: The Violation of Human and Civil Rights of Ndi Igbo in the Federation of Nigeria

Oha-Na-Eze Ndi Igbo


This is a petition by OHA-NA-EZE Ndi Igbo (the apex organisation of the entire Igbo people of Nigeria) on behalf of Igbo people (hereinafter referred to as Ndi Igbo) articulating some of the many violations of the human and civil rights of the Ndi Igbo and other forms of injustices meted to them by groups and/or governments in Nigeria from 1966 to 1999. We are by this petition seeking reparations and appropriate restitution in compensation for the injuries which Ndi Igbo have suffered (owing to these injustices and violations of their rights), restoration and guarantee of all their rights, full reconciliation, and integration into the Nigerian Federation so as to give Ndi Igbo the necessary sense of belonging as Nigerians to enable them give their best for the overall development of our great country.

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