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Of Intellectuals, Politics and Public Policy-Making in Nigeria

Olúfëmi Táíwò


This occasion is reflective of the need for us to get together to talk about serious issues concerning not only our homeland, Nigeria, but also, in our capacity as intellectuals, about how to advance humanity. I begin with a disclaimer: A Yorùbá proverb goes thus: Põtõpötõ táa nà lábàtà, çnití o bá ta sí lára, kó jõwö kó forí jìn wá o. Taking a stave to a puddle will inevitably leave some with dirt on their garments. It is not my intention to soil anyone’s vestment. Should anyone be hit by flying dirt, please accept my apologies; I do not intend any offence. In what follows I offer an indictment. No doubt Nigerian intellectuals have always been involved in politics and public policy-making. So I shall not be making a case for our involvement in both politics and public policy-making. Hence, I have two options for developing my theme.

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