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Amidst Laughter, Friends Fete "Arrogant" Jeyifo

Uduma Kalu


The venue said it all. The event was for a man of books. And the venue was appropriate, what with its books and musical CDs. But that was not a surprise either. The Jazzhole is a book and music centre at the Falomo area of Lagos. Its books in their different volumes and sizes easily defined the kind of man being hosted there, Professor Biodun Jeyifo who was 60 that Thursday. The event was a birthday evening for Jeyifo, one of the most important critics from Africa. The hall in the large room was big and filled to the brim. And the discourse was rich, full of memories, all couched in laughter. And that is what happens with time. It heals all things. For many things discussed there in light manners were, perhaps, hot issues in their times of occurrence but with time they have become humorous things that people laugh over.

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