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Multi-Party Democracy, Electoral Laws and Political Governance in Postcolonial Gambia

Alieu B. Saja Taal


Political governance, political parties and the management of elections are important institutions and processes in any functioning democracy and are vital in the political development of postcolonial Gambia. If a strong and sustainable democracy is to be achieved there must be well-functioning political parties as well as a functioning electoral system based upon credible electoral laws. Political parties and electoral management bodies’ are crucial players in bringing diverse interests together. Political parties are important in recruiting and presenting candidates and developing competing politics. It must however be noted that political parties and election management bodies do not operate in a void, but within political and socioeconomic environments and within legal provisions. Parties participate in electoral programs managed by electoral bodies. It is therefore important to note the dynamic relations that exist between political parties and election management bodies and the role they play in enhancing good governance and democratic practices. This paper is a study of political party participation and electoral governance in the development of democratic practices in the Republic of the Gambia. It is largely based on a perception survey of Gambians on what they think about the competitiveness of their political system and how the electoral processes are managed by the elections management body, namely the Independent Electoral Commission as provided by the Electoral Law of the country within the context of political development towards good governance practices in the Gambia.


Political Parties; Electoral Governance; Democracy; Electoral System; Electoral Law; Government; Voter Behavior

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