Call for Paper: The Indigenous Power of the African Female

The Indigenous Power of the African Female

Deadline for Abstract and Paper: January 30, 2023
Submit abstract and paper directly to Professor Olivia A. T. Frimpong Kwapong

The dominant gender discourse has centered on African females being portrayed as the more vulnerable gender, and thus, wielding less power, as compared to their male counterparts, whose power, status and dominance are reinforced through traditional, social and cultural beliefs.

In light of international perspectives, the African female has been branded as powerless, inferior, subservient, poor, weak, underrepresented in leadership positions, has limited educational opportunities, and lacks access to power.

A critical study of authentic African writings and the status and position of the African female within the indigenous context, however, proves otherwise. Females have space in the home, economic, and governance settings to exhibit their controls and capabilities. The nurturing or family management role alone serves as a major source of the powers that females exercise in society. African women continue to demonstrate their leadership development and capacity by rising above barriers. By the nature of their position in society, indigenous African females exhibit power in modest and extraordinary ways all around them. They do not need to share the space of their male counterparts to be able to access and exercise power. For them, it is not about taking power from men, but that they already have their portions to control. They have the space and the opportunities to express their capabilities, both in the home and their immediate environs, such as the community in which they reside. The family, kinship group, community, ethnic group and state are some of the spaces where females have the opportunity to wield power.

This call, therefore, seeks to solicit papers from different regions of Africa to gather works on how Africans wield power in their own traditions, indigenous or cultural ways even before the Western women’s empowerment or gender equality interventions.

This call is not interested in the artificial controls and opportunities that women have gained as a result of Western influence, women empowerment programs, or international interventions.

Your article will be considered in a special edition of the West Africa Review Journal.

The deadline for the submission of abstract and paper is January 30, 2023. Direct all inquiries and submit abstracts and papers to Professor Olivia A. T. Frimpong Kwapong at

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