Call for Papers: Integrate Gaps and Realities of Operationalizing Open Access in Africa

Integrate Gaps and Realities of Operationalizing Open Access in Africa

Deadline for Abstracts: October 31, 2022
Submit abstract and paper directly to Dr. Monica Mensah Danquah

The Open Access phenomenon arose in the late 1990s and early 2000s to progressively respond to the increasing difficulty of access to scholarly literature. Certainly, the idea of Open Access can be better achieved when access to read and reuse scholarly literature is widely and readily available to society. The contention on whether open access will alter scholarly publication, however, has been attributed partly to researchers underlining attitudes, motivations, and needs.

Today, given that a countless number of Open Access journals exist, there are still a number of questions that require answers, especially on the operationalization of Open Access in Africa after more than two decades of open access advocacy and development. Has the objective of Open Access been realized in Africa? Is scholarly literature accessible and open to scholars especially in Africa? Is the open access concept feasible in Africa? How is the African scholarly community responding to the noble goal of Open Access? How resilient is the Open Access movement in Africa? What are the contributions of Africa to the Open access movement? What are the obstacles to implementing Open Access in Africa?

This special issue of West Africa Review is devoted to broadly addressing the issues raised above. The issue is to predominately provide a knowledge resource that brings together diverse contributions to open-access scholarly publishing across Africa. Preference will be given to primary research that tells the story of African scholars on Open Access publishing.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is October 31, 2022, and the full paper is January 31, 2023.

Direct all inquiries and submit abstracts and full papers to Dr. Monica Mensah Danquah, Department of Information Studies, University of Ghana and

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