Call for Papers: Cultural Ways of Knowing in West African Teaching and Learning

Call for Papers: Cultural Ways of Knowing in West African Teaching and Learning

Deadline for Paper: March 31, 2023

West African cultural ways of knowing have impacted teaching and learning both on the continent and in the diaspora. These epistemologies can maintain culture and also serve as a tool for better academic and social outcomes, as well as liberation. Education as a practice of freedom has been well documented on the continent and throughout the diaspora.

As globalization rapidly spreads, homogenization becomes the norm and cultural ways of knowing can diminish. Therefore, educators are at the forefront of keeping culture. How do educators draw on cultural practices to foster learning? How do educators construct learning experiences that promote liberation? How does the diaspora incorporate West African cultural ways of knowing in teaching and learning?

This special issue of West Africa Review is devoted to the analysis of the ways in which cultural ways of knowing facilitate teaching and learning in West Africa. We are particularly interested in articles that explore unique pedagogies and cultural practices, as well as similar or shared practices across cultural contexts that promote liberation from preschool through university, in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings. Preference for primary research that draws on qualitative methods to give us insight into 21st century teaching and learning that draws on cultural ways of knowing.

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