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A Blade in the Throat of the FBI: George L. Jackson's Blood in My Eye

Greg Thomas


The Freedom Archives would produce The Struggle Inside which in 2001 would become The Murder of George Jackson for Prisons on Fire: George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation, an audio documentary on the 30th anniversary of the death, or murder, of Comrade George, George Lester Jackson, The Dragon. The revolutionary thinker, activist, organizer and author of Soledad Brother (1970) and Blood in My Eye (1972) did not die a natural death, of course. As Jonathan Jackson, Jr. recites, prison guards at San Quentin ruthlessly murdered George Jackson. Mother of George and Jonathan, Georgia Jackson offered more on what happened on August 21, 1971: They set up his murder just like they do everybody else that speaks out against them; and they'll probably do me the same way because I am going to speak every chance I get. . . . People don't love this country so much; they're afraid of what their own country will do to them. Now, who should be surprised that this is not the story told by the un-freedom archives of the FBI, whose first automatic declassification of documents of the U.S. government some would celebrate at the close of 2006?

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