Call for Papers: Black Motion: Looking Our Way Back to Black

Call for Contributions for a Special Issue of ProudFlesh entitled

Black Motion: Looking Our Way Back to Black

Deadline for Paper: January 31, 2023
Submit your contributions directly to Dr. Mary Weems, Professor Babacar M’Baye, and Professor Mwatabu Okantah

ProudFlesh: New Afrikan Journal of Culture, Politics and Consciousness is seeking contributions for a special issue entitled “Black Motion: Looking Our Way Back to Black.” This issue will examine how contemporary black people of both Africa and the African diaspora reinvent and reimagine their identities in terms that celebrate or draw attention to the body. These ways of imagining, representing the body and its various parts have historically played important roles in the lives of both Africans and peoples of African descent. Yet scholars have often neglected to study such representations and their significance in the day-to-day existence, lifestyles, hobbies, performances, and imaginations of blacks living in both the United States and abroad. The rich and complex forms in which black bodies are adorned, celebrated, portrayed, or treated in other fashions raise important questions about black motion and means of looking our way back to black. This special issue of ProudFlesh allows contributors to write about any of these ways.

Themes can include, but are not limited to any or more of the following ones:
- Body image
- Hair
- Makeup
- Fashion
- Portrayal of black women in music videos
- False eyelashes
- Fingernails
- Implants
- Any related theme.

Each contribution must follow the Chicago Manual of Style and may be submitted in any of the following forms:

A one-to-five-pages long essay
A one-to-three-pages long poem
A one-to-five-minutes long audio and (or) visual submission.

Contributions must be submitted by January 31, 2023, to each of the three co-editors (Dr. Mary Weems,; Professor Babacar M’Baye,; and Professor Mwatabu Okantah,

Please include a 50-word biography.