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Interview with Ngugi Wa Thiong'o

Ngugi Wa Thiong'o


"If you know all the languages of the world and you don't know your mother tongue, or the language of your culture, that is enslavement; but if you know your mother or the language of your culture and add all the languages of the world to it, that is empowerment." - Ngugi wa Thiong'o

"We are products of the Pavlonian conditioning: the sound of English or French makes us salivate; that of African languages makes our mouths dry up." - Ngugi wa Thiong'o

"There is something hollow about refusing to light your own candle and taking pride in basking in the light that comes to you from the neighbor's house. Light your own candle." - Ngugi wa Thiong'o


Biography; Literature; Women; Writers; Politics

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