Struck by Lightening: The Transdiasporan Phenomenon of Skin Bleaching

SPECIAL ISSUE: Struck by Lightening: The Transdiasporan Phenomenon of Skin Bleaching
Guest Edited by Yaba Amgborale Blay

Despite governmental attempts to ban bleaching products and the extreme health risks, including skin cancer, brain and kidney damage, and sometimes death, many African women, continental and Diasporan alike, continue to use chemical agents and homemade concoctions to lighten the complexion of their skin. Although the social practice of skin bleaching has had long history in Africana communities, it is seldom the focus of academic research and/or critical analysis. As such, this special edition invites articles that examine and further interrogate various dimensions for which skin bleaching has implications (social, cultural, gendered, health, economic, political, etc.). We are particularly interested in analyses that draw attention to the valuations placed upon and the perceived and actual privileges/liabilities associated with skin color, the extent to which skin bleaching is functionary of those valuations, privileges and liabilities, and the role that skin color plays in the lives and experiences of women of African descent. Book reviews of relevant texts are also welcomed.

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