Call for Paper: Special Issue on Education in Africa

A call for a special issue: Education in Africa. The issue will be guest edited by Professor Mary Dillard.

Deadline: August 15, 2011.
Submit your paper directly to Prof. Dillard.

Education in Africa

The past twenty years have given rise to tremendous changes in the provision of formal schooling on the African continent. From the expansion of private universities to the increase in the numbers of girls enrolled in schools, many African governments have made enormous strides in their ability to provide educational access to their citizens. Despite evidence of some gains, several areas demand continued analysis. In order to analyze the changing developments in African education, the JENdA Journal will publish a special issue on gender and education in Africa. For the purposes of this volume, education will be broadly defined to include training and learning opportunities that occur both in and outside of the classroom. We also do not subscribe to a North Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa split and will therefore welcome submissions on topics from across the Continent.

Articles will be accepted that examine the educational experiences of women and girls or that offer a gendered analysis of various learning opportunities in Africa. Examples of possible topics include: a comparative study of boys' and girls' classroom experiences, the impact of formal schooling on women's opportunities for migration, male and female participation in adult literacy programs or the relationships between African governments and religious institutions in providing educational access for students.