Call for Paper: Muslim Women in Africa and the Diaspora: Past, Present and the Future

A call for a special-issue: Muslim Women in Africa and the Diaspora: Past, Present and the Future. The issue will be guest-edited by Dr. Hadeer Abou El Nagah.

Deadline: January 31, 2016
Submit your paper directly to Hadeer Abou El Nagah.

We seek articles (5,000 to 6,250 words) and review essays (on books, film, video, websites, etc. 1,000 to 1,500 words).

One of the main controversial issues in any discussion about Islam is its views to women and the possibilities of women empowerment and development under its umbrella. While the Quran and other historic resources about Islam provide an image of women as dynamic agents of the society, the status of women in many contemporary societies around the world may indicate the opposite, Muslim women in Africa and the Diasporas are no exception. Though they have always been agents of religious and social change and initiators of political/cultural transformations, the everyday lives of many African Muslim women prove that there are additional efforts needed in that domain. This special issue of JENdA aims at exploring the role played/ needed to be played by Muslim women in Africa and in the Diasporas in redefining themselves within Islamic yet contemporary contexts. With focus on Muslim societies in Africa and the Diasporas, issues related to women's past, present and future can to be investigated. Critical readings and analysis of the work of religious, social, educational grass root organizations to empower women are particularly welcomed.

Possible topics for articles

Articles / reviews may address but not be limited to the following topics:

The plurality of Islam and the issue of gender equality in Africa & Diasporas
African women and religious education
Historical reading of women position in African Muslim societies
The social/religious/political role of Muslim women in the African Diaspora
Islamic feminism in Africa and in the Diasporas
Critical readings of non-Muslim writings about women in African countries and in the Diasporas
African women and the Muslim /non-Muslims dialogues
African Muslim women and women empowerment
Muslim women and contemporary Africa
Muslim women leadership in Africa and the Diasporas
African Muslim women self-expression in art and literature

Send submissions or inquiries in MS Word or Rich Text format to: Hadeer Nagah. Author(s) name and contact information should be included on a SEPARATE page. All submissions will be acknowledged via email. Kindly contact the guest-editor via email if you do not receive an acknowledgement of your submission.