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Review of Born Again. and Submission: (Beware of Adicers[sic]). Valseco Productions, 2001

Candace Johnson-Phipps


Men have always defined the roles of women, so these Nigerian videos try to assert. Born Again and Submission emphasize the dependency of wives on husbands. All the women in the videos including the three educated women—Loretta, Azuka and her older married sister—are stay-at-home wives while their husbands are the sole breadwinners. Not surprisingly, a variety of conflicts arises within these households over what wives could say and do and what resources they can utilize. The film does not really examine the reasons why these wives stayed at home. However, they convey the impression that they did so because their husbands are financially well off and can afford to keep them at home. In the case of Loretta, her husband, Edward, requested that she stay home to read the bible and pray for a child. Even though Loretta and Azuka are both capable of working, they did not to do so out of love and respect for their husbands.

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