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Editorial: Read On and Be Challenged!

Ikem Stanley Okoye


This issue of IJELE (but should one really write issue, as opposed say to release when one is speaking of electronic media?) expands further IJELEs commitment to make available a comparatively cost-free forum for both the presentation of a variety of new art (including architecture and performance for example), and for the publication of new, serious, rigorous critiques and scholarship on arts that are connected in some way to cultures out of/in Africa. The essays in this release range from Irbouhs historicization and critique of art education in colonial-era Morocco, to Carol Boyce Daviess recentering of women as critical (and often unaccounted) producers of Carnival in Bahia (Brazil). In between them (thematically) lie articles such as Nkiru Nzegwus on the representational spatialities of an important oeuvre of Africas modern art (an essay that does also pay attention in part to dance), Sabine Marschalls insightful history of mural art in 20th century and new millennium South Africa, and Charles Petersons original engagement with the textuality of American Blues.

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