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Managing Post-War Liberia: Issues and Challenges

David Zounmenou


After more than a decade of civil war, Liberia has embraced a new era of peacebuilding and peace consolidation. But, despite the euphoria, a number of questions persist: Will the new political elite be up to the task of rebuilding Liberia? What are the priorities of post-conflict Liberia? Who defines them? What are the mechanisms in place to address them? How far has Liberia gone in consolidating its peacebuilding process? What are the challenges ahead for the government and development partners seeking to transform a devastated Liberia into a vibrant economy and a peaceful and cohesive nation? This paper takes a look at the progress as well as the challenges associated with the reconstruction process in Liberia. In spite of the positive signs in terms of policies and institutional reforms, Liberia is still affected by numerous difficulties that could be overcome through an efficient state performance and sustainable support of the donors’ community. Failure to address those difficulties is likely to compromise the gains so far realised both for Liberia and for West Africa.


Liberia, peacebuilding, war legacies, post-conflict, reconciliation

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