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On the Slavery Issue in Wonders of the African World

Gloria Emeagwali


"But in fact, getting at the root of this problem, why did Africans (or rather African rulers, merchants and other decision makers) sell slaves to Europeans when it was so obviously immoral and harmful, is in fact a central problem and one that ought to be addressed seriously. It needs to be taken at least as seriously as why Europeans did the buying and transporting of slaves." (Thornton; H-Africa, 9 Nov 99). I guess we may have to go back to some of the following authors, to get the big picture about enslavement and slavery, before we focus on Africa, and we have quite a range of scholars to consult such as: David Brion Davis, Moses Finley and Westermann for slavery in Greece and Rome; R. Hellie, Slavery in Russia 1450-1725; Carl Williams, Thraldom in Ancient Iceland; and A. M. Wergeland, Slavery in German Society. The most relevant for our discussion is probably my favorite author of course, Charles Verlinden in his Slavery in Medieval Europe (L'ESCLAVAGE DANS L'EUROPE MEDIEVALE).

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