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Confessions of A Rape Victim

Khadeemo Castello


A play.

Ashanti is a 16-year-old girl living with her single mother, Abal, in a city somewhere in the United States. Ashanti and her mother are originally from Ghana but immigrated to the states when she was seven after her father passed away. The two wanted a better life, but got off to a rough start trying to adjust to the city’s life. To support her daughter Abal takes up two jobs. While Abal works all day, Ashanti is expected to go to school and go straight back home. Recently Ashanti and Abal have not been agreeing with each other, and have been getting into arguments a lot. Ashanti has been trying to adjust to the American culture in order to fit in, but her mother holds on to their old traditions and morals. One day Abal comes home late from her second job to find Ashanti trying to sneak in after hanging out with her friends all day.


Rape; Sexual Violence; College; Millennials

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