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The Infallibility of Miss Ann (Or, the Last Rachel Dolezal Thinkpiece Ever)

Jamilah Lemieux


Jamilah Lemieux asks why it’s so hard for us to adequately critique White women. If you were asked to close your eyes and think of racist violence against Black folks – White on Black crime, if you will – I’d wager that you’d summon the image of a White man/White men brutalizing someone. The LAPD officers who beat Rodney King. Daniel Pantelleo taking Eric Garner’s air. Darren Wilson’s expressionless mug posing to reveal the “injuries†he sustained while gunning down Mike Brown. And, of course the latest member of the all-too-easy to join
club of infamously violent cops, former (and likely, future, if history has taught us anything) police officer Eric Casebolt who brutalized a 14-year-old girl on that now-viral video shot in the ruins of a McKinney, Texas pool party.

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