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Editorial: Mau Mau Music

Greg Thomas


Yeah. Here is that issue on our music, a nice slice of it anyway. There’s Hip-Hop, Calypso & Dancehall, with a lil’ bit of Afrobeat thrown in. Long Live Fela! We’ll call this one “Mau Mau Music.” The reason is simple.

The Mau Mau or Kenya Land and Freedom Army launched into our consciousness in the 1950s. They remain identified with opposition to “white-supremacy,” reclamation of land and affirmation of Afrika for Afrikans. They waged war against white settlers, fake leaders and colonial stooges alike. At home and abroad, they were the symbol and the reality of true and total liberation. The significance of their realism for the civil rights establishment of the U.S., apart from the Brutish/British empire, was captured in the persona and politics of Malcolm X/El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz/Omowale.

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