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PROUD FLESH Inter/Views: Fred Hampton, Jr

Greg Thomas


About three years ago, we were honored with the presence of Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., President and Chair of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee (POCC). After a hot talk/mass political education session with the university crowd, we grabbed some grub and began to conduct this interview—en masse: that is, PROUD FLESH with some Black student activists/editors/organizational leaders/etc., Chairman Fred, Jr., and his comrade/back-watcher who had voiced some righteous intellectual-political positions himself that night in the face of some ignorant college professor who shall remain as nameless as he was senseless. At a nearby restaurant, dishes would bang loudly in the background, but that was okay. Who noticed until it was time to transcribe the tapes? It just made us listen more intently to the intensity of insight and urgency which was absolutely no joke—no joke at all. We hope what follows will convey at least a small piece of the great, big revolutionary spirit of Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., son of Chairman Fred Hampton, Sr., and Akua Njeri, legendary Black Panther revolutionaries, both, of course.

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