Biafran War Database

Biafran War DatabaseAfrica's First Modern Genocide (1967-1970)
Biafran War Database [BWD] is a new initiative of Africa Resource Center that is curated by Dr. Azuka Nzegwu. The database publishes items from newspapers, photographs, interviews, archival materials, declassified intelligence reports, thesis, dissertations, and much more.



3 New Issues: Thesis, Dissertaions, and Writings

We have added three new issues in the Biafran War Database.  
Posted: 2021-09-26 More...

New Collection on the Media

This addition focuses on the media, the humanitarian model, and major general Efiong.  
Posted: 2012-10-10 More...

Organization of African Unity

This addition features historical documents from the Organization of African Unity, which highlights the works of member African countries working to secure justice and human dignity.  
Posted: 2011-09-22 More...
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