No 20 (2012)

Education in Africa

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This special issue has been guest-edited by Professor Mary Dillard.

Table of Contents


Editorial: Gender Equity in African Education by 2015? PDF
Mary Dillard


Assessing the Progress Made by African Countries in Meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on Eliminating Gender Disparity in Education PDF
Gladys Mutangadura
Gender and Health in Higher Education: A Study of Undergraduates from University of Mauritius PDF
Komalsingh Rambaree, Igor Knez, Nashad Auchoybur
Education and Decisions about the Timing of Marriage in Amhara Region, Ethiopia PDF
Eunice Muthengi
The Gendered Nature of Schooling in Ghana: Hurdles to Girls Menstrual Management in School PDF
Marni Sommer, Nana Mokoah Ackatia-Armah
"The Matter is a Bit Urgent" Education of Miss Florence Peters: One Gambian Fathers Petitions to the British Colonial Government 1948-1952 PDF
Catherine Cymone Fourshey
From Harare to Harvard: Education, Gender, and Citizenship in J. Nozipo Maraires Zenzele: A Letter For My Daughter PDF
Carrie J. Walker


Conversation with Ogechi Anyanwu on The Politics of Access: University Education and Nation Building in Nigeria, 1948-2000 PDF MP3
Africa Knowledge Project
Conversation with Linda Kreitzer on Social Work in Africa: Exploring Culturally Relevant Education and Practice in Ghana PDF MP3
Africa Knowledge Project