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Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson: A Tribute


I have read numerous commentaries on Ellen Johnson-Sirleafs victory in the Liberian Presidential elections. Many have dubbed her A Woman of Substance. Others call her the Iron Lady. Yet others portray her as the one beacon of hope in the worst place to be a woman on earth. A campaign slogan in Monrovia is reported to have read: Ellen, Shes Our Man; another urged people to Vote for the Old Ma- a sign of deference and respect for the elder status and consequent wisdom Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is assumed to have garnered over the years. Having won the most votes in Liberias run-off election for President, Ms. Sirleaf-Johnson stands on the threshold of becoming the first woman head of state in Africa. She has turned the tide of male-dominated control over the commanding heights of African politics, opening up the possibility that the 21st Century is the century of the African woman in politics. Indeed, this is a victory to be celebrated. As an African woman, I am proud of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her accomplishments and achievements. Her electoral victory comes a path-breaking development in African politics and a watershed moment in Liberias history.

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