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Probation as a Non-Custodial Measure in Nigeria: Making a Case for Adult Probation Service

Abubakri O. Yekini, Mashkur Salisu


Imprisonment as a disposition method has created a lot of problems not only in Nigeria criminal justice system but also, in most countries. It is now believed that imprisonment no longer serves the purpose for which it was meant to serve- deterrence. The offenders wrong the state and yet the state is responsible for their welfare while in prison. In 2012, over N50 billion (about $312,500,000) (Appropriation Act 2012) was budgeted for prison and yet the prison sub-culture makes inmate come out more hardened. This paper seeks to appraise the law and practice of probation as a non-custodial disposition method in Nigeria. It is noted that while the law allows for the use of probation, there were no adequate institutional facilities to drive it; its application is rather restricted to juvenile offenders and a whole lot of other issues are impeding its success. Meaningful recommendations are offered at the end of the paper.

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