What is Africa Knowledge Project and Critical African Studies?



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Understanding the core objective of Africa Knowledge Project and the importance of Critical African to scholars, students, and libraries. Critical African Studies is being pioneered by Africa Resource Center, Inc.

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AKP promotes Critical African Studies. It disseminates Africa-Centered, Evidence-Based Knowledge on Africa and Global African Diaspora.

Who are we?

Africa Resource Center, Inc, is a strategically managed company that whirlpools, produces and disseminates scholarly materials and information on Africa and its Diaspora. It brings together streams of research analysis, new theoretical orientations, cultural artistic productions, databases of images and primary documents that promote new lines of scholarship, cultural evaluations and political interpretations with substantial African content.

What is Africa Knowledge Project?

Africa Knowledge Project, known as AKP, is an initiative by Africa Resource Center, Inc., dedicated exclusively to academic research on Africa and its Diaspora. AKP focuses on critical Africa-centered, evidence-based knowledge and research from a diverse range of disciplines. While it values the tremendous contribution of Western scholarship, AKP moves away from epistemic schemes of interpretation that represent Western world-views and research interpretations as central and global, and all others as indigenous or vernacular. AKP produces and disseminates rich, critical narratives and analyses that contribute to global scholarship.

What is Critical African Studies?

“Critical African Studies” utilizes concepts and assumptions generated from African ontology and epistemology to theorize African societies and the world. It is distinguished from the standard “African Studies,” that utilizes concepts and assumptions from any part of the world to study Africa.

What makes Critical African Studies important to libraries?

  • A critical body of knowledge that is vital for faculty and student in advancing their scholarship

  • Presents a paradigm shift on conventional knowledge on Africa and global African Diaspora

  • Utilizes African concepts, assumptions, and world-sense to theorize outward and engage the world

  • Introduces new ideas and bodies of thoughts that are centrifugally African-based

Why subscribe to Africa Knowledge Project?

  • Access to high-quality articles in peer-reviewed e-journals and databases

  • Access to critical Africa-centered and evidence-based scholarship

  • Access to new research and scholarly trends

  • Access to a number of growing databases on African music, language (Kiswahili), and images (forthcoming).

What is the history of AKP publisher, Africa Resource Center, Inc?

  • Reputable presence as publishers of high-quality, critical African-centered and evidence-based scholarship on Africa and global African Diaspora since 1999

  • Early pioneers in using the Web as a medium for publishing and distributing evidence-based scholarship

  • Selected by PBS as the Best of the Web Resource on Africa

  • Selected by Vanity Fair as the Best Educational Resource on Africa

  • Favorable reviewed by BBC

What is the history of the e-journals on Africa Knowledge Project?

  • Won 2002 ICCAP award for excellence in advancing the art and science of electronic publication

  • Widely linked to top university and research centers around the world

  • Has published the works of distinguished professors and emerging scholars around the world

  • Selected by Intute in 2010 as one of the best research and educational resource on Africa

  • Indexed and abstracted by EBSCO, Elsevier, Proquest, HW Wilson, and OCLC

  • Featured twice on Internet Scout Report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Listed in Ulrich Web and WorldCat, Open J-Gate, and previously in DOAJ

New Service to College and University Libraries

  • Virtual library on critical African-centered, evidence-based knowledge on Africa and global African Diaspora

  • Serving the needs of a new breed of professors, researchers, and students seeking research, evidence-based, academic materials that derive from, and reflect African perspectives

  • Major publisher of the critical works of African women

  • Has over 720 materials and growing

New Service to Publishers

  • Provides publishers annual licensing fee to reprint any of the articles in the e-journal publications